When your right hand drive car's alternator, starter, and electrical system starts to experience problems, if is often a challenging process to find a shop with the know how to rebuild or repair the broken components.

At Brian Roberts, we rebuild right hand drive alternators in-house, which allows us to ensure quality components are used and that the alternator is thoroughly tested before it leaves the shop. All of our import alternators are completely disassembled and cleaned, housing are shot-blasted making the alternator look brand new, and the unit is checked for cracks or defects. We only use premium bearings, and we test the rotors and stators with the latest diagnostic equipment. Regulators and brushes are replaced and the voldtage and amperage outputs are tested to ensure they operate within the original equipment specifications.

We provide professional-grade right hand drive alternator repairs, rebuilds, and installations. Get your alternator working in prime condition, and get your imported car back on the road at a cost that won't break your wallet!

All new and rebuilt starters and alternators carry a two year warranty. Repairs have a 90 day warranty.