Marine starters may look similar to automobile starters, however they cannot be interchanged. Marine starters are designed to arrest any stray sparks caused by the starter brushes and solenoids when the boat is running to reduct the risk of an explosion.

Alternators that are installed on boats must also past strict marine certification requirements to avoid sparks that may cause a fire or explosion. These are reasons why you should only trust a reputable marine electrical specialist to rebuild or repair your marine starter or alternator.

Rebuild Marine Starter

The original starter is put through a remanufacturing process.

  • Complete disassembly of the starter
  • All components are cleaned and inspected.
  • Service components are replaced with 100% new parts. (solenoids, bushings, etc.)
  • Armature commutators are resurfaced and polished
  • Armature and field coil windings are tested for shorts and grounds
  • All starters are 100% bench tested.

Starter Repair

  • The starter is bench tested to determine which components have failed
  • Only the failed component or components are replaced
  • The starter is bench tested

We carry marine starters for almost every boat. All new and rebuilt starters and alternators carry a two year warranty. Repairs have a 90 day warranty.