Alternators and starters for industrial equipment lead a hard life, operate in harsh environments, and are often exposed to the elements. Some equipment, like forklifts, may be used almost constantly while others may go weeks between uses. Both of these situations can lead to shorter life spans, but for different reasons. Constant use has obvious drawbacks....normal wear of internal components occurs over a shorter calender time period. Sitting for long stretches on the other hand, can lead to discharged or sulfated batteries which add to the work load of an alternator during run time. Factor in that most industrial engines run at very low RPMs and you have an overloaded, overheated alternator.

Our industrial alternators are rebuilt to withstand these extreme conditions and provide dependable service. We stock a huge supply of industrial electrical parts, starters, alternators and batteries, as well as miscellaneous industrial equipment electrical parts like: switches, custom windings, and batteries for all applications. We can also custom make cables for your application.

All new and rebuilt starters and alternators carry a two year warranty. Repairs have a 90 day warranty.