If you drive a car, truck or SUV, you probably have an idea what a starter or alternator is. And if you find your vehicle suddenly unable to start one day, the starter is often the culprit, or your battery has died. It could even be your alternator.

Starters vs Alternators

A starter that has died may not let your engine turn over and start, while an alternator that isn't performing properly will often die when the engine is runing or cranking. Your alternator charges your vehicles battery by taking some of the energy generated from the running engine and converting it into electricity which then charges the battery and supplies power to various electrical components in your vehicle. This is why a battery that isn't performing right can be a sign of a dying alternator.

At Brian Roberts Auto Electic Ltd. we repair and rebuild alternators based on the OEM specifications. Each rebuilt alternator is bench tested to ensure it meets our quality guidelines before it is considered ready for sale.

To help you troubleshoot your automotive electrical problems, we offer free alternator testing. We build starters and alternators for all make and brands of vehicles. All new and rebuilt starters and alternators carry a two year warranty. Repairs have a 90 day warranty.